Gender impact of EU Trade Liberalisation Policy
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Title:Gender impact of EU Trade Liberalisation Policy
Alternative title:Maria Rosario Lorio (Geneva) and Norma Maldonado (Guatemala) in a conversation with Women on Air
Abstract:The new EU trade strategy ‘ Global Europe’ ensure EU’s competetiveness on global market as an integral part of its wide approach to economic reform, at the same time sustainable development and poverty eradiction have not get any place in the document. To reach the policy goal the commission set up effort to create opportunity for EU business abroad, targeting the overall regulatory environment in southern countries , which will going to be the cause of hindrance to poor countries self-effort for development including deterioration of livelihood and well being of majority of the poor women and men in developing countries and women being already discriminated in most of the economic sphere is going to be more burdened by this policy. The approach “Business First and Aid for Trade” will be going to worsen the situation further. On 26-27 of April, WIDE network conducted a capacity building programme focusing on these issues at Brussels, equipping women to confront this challenge. On this occasion Women on Air interviewed trade & gender specialist Maria Rosaria Lorio, of International Gender and Trade Network, Geneva, and activist from Guatemala, Norma Maldonado, from Mesa Global de Guatemala, to discuss various issues concerning trade liberalisation. This programme is prepared by Sarita Jenamani.
Keywords:Trade Liberalisation, Maldonado, Rosario Lorio
Production date:2007-05-22
Broadcast date:2007-05-22 13:00:00+02
Entry date:2007-07-18
Last modification:2007-07-18

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