Ein neuer Morgen für Munir
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Series:Globale Dialoge - Women on Air
Title:Ein neuer Morgen für Munir
Alternative title:Live-discussion with Eva Maria Teja (book author)
Language:German, English
Abstract:Children book writer Eva Maria Teja’s recently published the book ‘Ein neuer Morgen für Munir’, which portrays the brave struggle of the little Pakistani boy Munir for a better future amidst the deadly earthquake of Pakistan. This also reflects the author´s commitments in Azad Kashmir (the part of Kashmir under Pakistani control). Apart from this the author is also very closely involved and works to introduce the culture of South Asia to the school children of Austria. Women on Air will have the opportunity to talk to the author Eva Maria Teja to know more about her work, and to explore more about the socio-cultural scenario of these regions. A programme presented by Sarita Jenamani
Keywords:Pakistan, Kashmir, Erdbeben in Pakistan, Pakistan earthquake, Kinderbuch, children's book, Munir
Temporal coverage:2007-07-24
Production date:2007-07-24
Entry date:2007-07-30
Last modification:2007-07-30

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