"We all have stories to tell!” – Punjabi community Radio in London
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Station:ORANGE 94.0
Series:Globale Dialoge - Hot Pods
Title:"We all have stories to tell!” – Punjabi community Radio in London
Abstract:In March 2007 Woman on Air Helga Neumayer visited Southall, a mainly Punjabi neighbourhood in West-London, where the Punjabi Centre runs Desi-Radio-Station, a 24 hour community radio. “We all have stories to tell!” says coordinator Mrs. Amarjit about the motivation of the people who create those radio-shows. Mainly women are the volunteer pillars of the radio, how come? “We are here to give them confidence!” says Mr. Manjinder, trainer and presenter. And Mrs. Kaur, a trainee at that time, has no doubt about the musical preferences: “Bhangra is the soul of the Punjabi community. As soon as the drum beats, everyone gets up!”. Presented by Helga Neumayer
Keywords:Desi Radio,Punjabi community in London, Bhangra; Southall
Production date:2007-12-04
Entry date:2007-12-17
Last modification:2007-12-17

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