WAKE UP with stuard - zu gast: The Lance
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Title:WAKE UP with stuard - zu gast: The Lance
Language:English, German
Abstract:WAKE UP with stuard - zu gast: The Lance The Lance - Biography The Lance formed in January 2007 by Olle Hägg and Gustav Good. We had no jobs, no money and nothing to live on. The Lance was a simple act of desperation and an insane obsession for rock n roll music. We had two screaming guitars but we still needed a bass to back us up. Our friend Micke Bojfeldt was the only one we knew who could play a mean bass guitar and talk rubbish at the same time so he was our obvious choice for the job. Although we knew from previous experience that most drummers were idiots we found this guy Dan Lif in a basement in Borlänge. We put him up for a quick audition and he totally blew our minds with his rhythmic and frenetic style of swinging the sticks. We were then a quartet and we became The Lance. The Lance by the way was the obvious band name for us because it’s nonsense. A lot of the things we do is nonsense and nonsense is what we can identify ourselves with. The true meaning of the Lance is four stupid fools. Handsome and clever fools I might add. At the first rehearsal we all sat down in Dan’s basement with only old guitars and old amplifiers at hand. We didn’t have any freaky effects or any overdrive pedals. We just turned the volume up and suddenly we had our own sound. Raw, natural drive with some help from electricity. About a year later here we are with the same old raw sound, same old style and the same members. We’ve done a number of recordings in an old, small studio in Borlänge. To print our sound on the records we’ve recorded all of our songs live, just like in the glory days of true rock n roll. Our records will prove our abilities as true musicians and give our fans a true image of how we sound on stage. We’re just four guys with a passion for rock n roll, nothing more, nothing less. Rock n roll is alive and in it’s pride, and as long as the Lance is on the loose, it won’t die. We’re doing now what bands did over 40 years ago, but we do it in our own way without guidelines. We’re simple poor lads from a small town playing true rock n roll music the way it is meant to be played. And I’m used to say "Anyone who claims rock n roll is dead is wrong, way out wrong". Rock n roll is alive and in it’s pride, and as long as the Lance is on the loose, it won’t die. "THE LANCE ON TOUR" 07.Mai.2008 21:00 in Berlin@Mokum 08.Mai.2008 21:00 in Leipzig@Flowerpower 09.Mai.2008 21:00 in Erfurt@Centrum 10.Mai.2008 20:00 in Eislingen (nähe Stuttgart)@Kulturzentrum Marstall 11.Mai.2008 21:00 in Adlkofen bei Landshut @Musikkneipe Wolperdinger 13.Mai.2008 20:00 in Salzburg@Urbankeller 15.Mai.2008 20:00 in Mödling@Bühne MAYER 16.Mai.2008 20:00 in Asperhofen (nähe St.Pölten)@Fifty *17.Mai.2008 21:00 Abschlusskonzert in Wien@Cafe Concerto (Eintritt: € 6,–/Sch., Stud. 4,–) *) presented by stuard booking
Keywords:the lance, stuard
Temporal coverage:2008-05-17
Production date:2008-05-17
Broadcast date:2008-05-17 11:00:00+02
Entry date:2008-05-17
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