WAKE UP with stuard - zu gast: BUTTERFLY BANGS (UK)
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Series:Wake Up
Title:WAKE UP with stuard - zu gast: BUTTERFLY BANGS (UK)
Language:English, German
Abstract:BUTTERFLY BANGS MYSPACE SITE: BUTTERFLY BANGS - THE BAND: "The Bangs effervescent sound resembles a blend of Art Brut and The Killers and the striking voice of singer Emmanuel Ross often recalls a young Robert Smith. Teamed with chipper live performances it´s a mystery why word hasn´t got out that this band is really going places." INDIE Magazine (Austria/Germany/Switzerland) "The best band I´ve seen in years" - (Mark Jefferies, Daily Mirror). Junk Sky - Released by Weekender Records and produced by Junk Scientist (Larrikin Love, The Rakes, Look See Proof), ´Junk Sky´ looks set to impress just like their debut single ´On The Street´ did. BUTTERFLY BANGS ON TOUR: * 27.Jun.2008 20:00 Allmost Famous Club @ B.A.C.H VIENNA 28.Jun.2008 20:00 Weekender Records Showcase @ Weekender Club INNSBRUCK 02.Jul.2008 20:00 FILTHY BEGGARS @ Catch LONDON 13.Sep.2008 20:00 SHOREDITCH SHUFFLE - 13/14 Sept LONDON (more shows coming soon...) BUTTERFLY BANGS on Youtube: Butterfly Bangs Video to the Song - "on the street": *presented by stuard-booking
Keywords:Butterfly bangs, stuard, AMF Club
Temporal coverage:2008-06-28
Production date:2008-06-28
Broadcast date:2008-06-28 11:00:00+02
Entry date:2008-06-28
Last modification:2008-06-28

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