"To bounce like a ball that has been hit …“
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Series:Globale Dialoge - Women on Air
Title:"To bounce like a ball that has been hit …“
Abstract:Ruth Manorama (India) live in conversation with Women on Air What do marginalized communities across the world like Afro-American Blacks or Dalits in India do have in common with each other? How do Dalit women organise themselves? Is India´s women´s movement still an upper-cast and upper-class issue? And finally – how is the situation of Dalit and other marginalized Indian women in the contemporary globalized era? Let´s listen to Ruth Manorama, who 2006 was given the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Price) for her commitment over decades to achieving equality for Dalit women, building effective and committed women's organisations and working for their rights at national and international levels. "To bounce like a ball that has been hit became my deepest desire, and not to curl up and collapse because of the blow.", Dr. Ruth Manorama states in her Alternative Nobel Price Acceptance Speech three years ago. Programme prepared and presented by: Helga Neumayer (Solidarity among Women)
Keywords:Feminismus, Dalit, Indien, Right Livelihood Award, Frauenrechte, Menschenrechte
Temporal coverage:2009-10-20
Production date:2009-10-20
Broadcast date:2009-10-20 13:00:00+02
Entry date:2009-10-29
Last modification:2009-10-29


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