Smiles Styles FOCUSED - Episode 07
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Station:ORANGE 94.0
Series:Smiles Styles FOCUSED
Title:Smiles Styles FOCUSED - Episode 07
Alternative title:Das monatliche Musik Magazin mit feinsten Grooves & jede Menge Humor
Episode title:Colorful Sounds gemischt mit Sachen zum Lachen
Abstract:Unsere Radio Episode 07 ist dieses mal insbesonders all jenen good Groovers gewidmet die lieber lachen in der Faschingszeit, als sich vom alljährlich wiederkehrenden X-mas Stress nerven zu lassen - ft: Tape Five, Mario Biondi, Mishal Moore, Who lotta sly, Billy Idol, River Starr, Dielser ft Laura Vane, DJ Disse, Helmut Qualtinger, DKS, Boards Of Canada, Mr. President ft Mr. Day, Thievery Corporation, as the humorous voice frequencies by: Otto, Willi Astor, Michel Niavarani & Viktor Gernot, Helge Schneider Piron & Knapp, Parov Stelar, Riccicomoto, Aaron Bingle, Fr. Dir. Forstinger, Michi "der König", The Smooth Operator & Lady Smiles - enjoy!
Keywords:Musik, Unterhaltung, Kunst, Kultur, Szene, Humor
Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure / Music (All genres - including Opera, Classical Concert, etc.)
Temporal coverage:2009-11-30
Spatial coverage:--
Production date:2009-11-30
Broadcast date:2009-11-30 21:00:00+01
Entry date:2009-12-01
Last modification:2009-12-01

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