Adivasi-Activists from Jharkand in conversation
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Series:Globale Dialoge - Women on Air
Title:Adivasi-Activists from Jharkand in conversation
Alternative title:The fight on land, water and income
Abstract:Jharkand, a state in the middle of India, has been brutally industrialized. Deforestation, polluted water and lack of income possibilities are heavy problems for the indigenious people of the region. What can civil society do against this life-threatening situation? This is what we ask our Indian life guests Bina Stanis and Philan Horo, activists from CASS (Chotanagpur Adivasi Seva Samiti), who are recently on an information speakers tour through Austria, invitied by DKA (development cooperation agency of the Catholic Children's Movement in Austria). Program prepared and presented by: Helga Neumayer (Solidarity among Women)
Keywords:Feminismus, Jharkand, Indien, Adivasi, Wasserverschmutzung, Landrechte, Wasserrechte, Einkommensrechte, Industrialisierung,
Environmental Issues, Agriculture and related technologies
Human Practices and Social Issues / Feminism
Human Practices and Social Issues / Poverty
Justice and Governmental / Human rights (Right of asylum, Freedom of speech
Temporal coverage:2009-11-24
Production date:2009-11-24
Broadcast date:2009-11-24 13:00:00+01
Entry date:2009-12-06
Last modification:2009-12-06

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