Smiles Styles FOCUSED - epi 09
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Series:Smiles Styles FOCUSED
Title:Smiles Styles FOCUSED - epi 09
Alternative title:Smiles Styles FOCUSED - live record - epi 09
Episode title:in our focuse: live studio guest Kristof Laszlow / vocalist
Episode sequence:9
Abstract:Im Fokus: unser Live Studiogast Sänger Kristof Laszlow und wie immer, jede Menge feinster Nu-Jazz Headz & Grooves Klänge, präsentiert von Lady Smiles & The Smooth Operator. Playlist: Cunnie Williams – What Is Black Music (Jeep James Rmx) / Beechwood Music, Gelka – When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go / Live vocals interpr. by Kristof Laszlow, Modulo5 – Reflections / Kraak Records, Nicola Conte – Charade / Schema Records, Smoove – Big Balls / Live vocals interpretation by Kristof Laszlow, Arnold Blair - Trying To Get Next To You / Gemigo Rec., Tune of the month: Tape Five – Bad Boy / ChinChin Rec., John Wanes ft Stee Dawnes – Margarita Soul (prev. unrel.), Guardner - It´s gonna be alright / Live vocals interpretation by Kristof Laszlow, Denance 2 Society - You Got To Swing It (taken from “Club Cookies, rel. 19.02.10) Holophon Rec.
Keywords:Musik, Unterhaltung, Kunst, Kultur, Szene, Humor
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Temporal coverage:2010-01-25
Spatial coverage:--
Production date:2010-01-25
Broadcast date:2010-01-25 21:00:00+01
Entry date:2010-01-27
Last modification:2010-01-27

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