4. november 2006: womex 2006
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Series:der wiener salon on air
Title:4. november 2006: womex 2006
Alternative title:zu gast im studio: silvia santangelo jura
Abstract:zu gast im studio war silvia santangelo jura - musikmanagerin, kultur- und sozialantropologin ein überblick über die womex 2006 die heuer zum 12 mal dieses mal wieder in sevilla stattgefunden hat. mehr info zur womex Playlist totó la momposina | los sabores | 4:17 amadou & mariam | la réalite | 3:33 maria de barros | um tem um amor | 3:59 mixing point mockba project | raggae ragga | 3:58 celia mara | jade | orange blossom | cheft el khof | 6:54
Keywords:celia mara, world music, brasilien, silvia santangelo jura, womex, sevilla, kulturmanagement
Genre:Talk show / discussion
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Human Practices and Social Issues
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Temporal coverage:2006-11-04
Production date:2006-11-04
Broadcast date:2006-11-04 14:00:00+01
Entry date:2007-02-02
Last modification:2007-04-03

Designer Christine Reiterer
Interviewee silvia santangelo jura
Production Personnel Georg Wagner
Production Personnel Franz-Martin Pollany

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celia mara homepage
womex world music expo

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