wet interviews remix
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Station:ORANGE 94.0
Title:wet interviews remix
Language:English, tr, German
Abstract:remix of a 2 á performance/live-radio show auf der toilette (toilet) eines tuerkisch/kurdischen (turkish) restaurants in wien/vienna/bec. double-sprachig: englisch/tuerkisch. topic: turkey and the rest of europe. during the performance the very narrow lavatory of the restaurant was completely crowded. the turkish speaking participants, who did radio for the first time, actually had become the moderators of the show in the end. the german speaking participants where not allowed to speak german to mirror the fact that in the globalized world we increasingly have to manage our existence as tourists and foreigners. mitwirkende: helga schwarzwald, andreas ramstorfer, tamar, funda sahan, herbert gnauer, manfred buchner, barbara strametz, till nikolaus von heiseler, wolfgang kemptner,,, restaurant etap. gästinnen: anne suttner, ula schneider, xy, gäste des restaurant etap.
Keywords:globalisierung, livestreaming, klo, radiokunst, eu, eu-beitritt der tuerkei, migration,
Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure / Performing Arts (Theater, Dance, Circus, etc.)
Human Practices and Social Issues
Politic, politic systems and Wars / Globalization
Temporal coverage:2005-05-23
Production date:2005-05-23
Broadcast date:2005-05-23 21:00:00+02
Entry date:2005-06-20
Last modification:2009-03-17


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