Bigbrotheraward 2004 Österreich
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Station:ORANGE 94.0
Title:Bigbrotheraward 2004 Österreich
Alternative title:komplette Show aus dem Flex vom 26.10.2004
Episode title:Teeren und Federn
Episode sequence:2004
Abstract:And the winners are... [26.10.2004] ...tarred and feathered, virtually. Die Jury und das Publikum haben entschieden: die Preisträger des Jahres 2004. [The winners of the Big Brother Awards Austria 2004.] (Rohfassung - ungeschnitten - Originalton) Link zu Bigbrother Awards 2005
Keywords:Bigbrother Awards 2004 Hubsi Kramar Wiespaet Teeren und Federn
Genre:Talk show / discussion
Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure
Human Practices and Social Issues
Justice and Governmental
Politic, politic systems and Wars
Sciences and Technologies
Temporal coverage:2004-10-26
Spatial coverage:Österreich und International
Production date:2004-10-26
Broadcast date:2005-10-27 01:00:00+02
Entry date:2005-11-03
Last modification:2005-11-03

Publisher Radio Netwatcher - Redaktionsteam

For the whole programme CC Netwatcher | (C) 2004 Bigbrother Awards

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Bigbrother Awards 2004
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