Transmen and Lesbians in Kyrgyzstan
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Series:Radio Unsichtbar
Title:Transmen and Lesbians in Kyrgyzstan
Language:English, German
Abstract:"Extra" speak: specially, for oneself, separately, additional, deliberate. Interview with one lesbian woman and two transmen from Kyrgyzstan. From everyday life of those who be said to stand beyond everyday occurrence, if normal opinions are represented: Lesbians and transmen in Bishkek (capital from Kyrgyzstan - Central Asia - former UdSSR). "Extra" sprich: Besonders, für sich, getrennt, zusätzlich, absichtlich. Interview mit einer lesbischen Frau und zwei Transboiz aus Kyrgyzstan. Von alltäglichen Leben derer, die außerhalb des Alltags stehen sollten, wenn normale Meinungen vertreten werden: Lesben und Transmänner in Bishkek (Hauptstadt von Kyrgyzstan - Zentralasien - vormals UdSSR).
Keywords:Transmen, Transboiz, Lesbians, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Human Practices and Social Issues / Community Issues (Housing, Transportation, Area planning, Urban communities, Rural communities)
Human Practices and Social Issues / Multiculturalism
Human Practices and Social Issues / Queer
Human Practices and Social Issues / Religion, Metaphysics
Human Practices and Social Issues / Sexism
Temporal coverage:2006-07-18
Production date:2006-07-18
Broadcast date:2006-07-18 18:00:00+02
Entry date:2006-07-25
Last modification:2009-07-14

Designer Nino Jaeger
Interviewee Anna Kirey
Interviewee Denny Orsekov
Interviewee Alex

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