Theater im Umbruch
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Station:ORANGE 94.0
Series:Radio Dispositiv
Title:Theater im Umbruch
Abstract:Claudia Bosse (Theatercombinat), Hubsi Kramar (IG Freie Theaterarbeit), Uwe Mattheiß (Journalist, Mitautor der Studie Freies Theater in Wien) und Marie Ringler (Wiener Gemeinderätin, Kultursprecherin der Wiener Grünen) zur Situation der freien Theater in Wien
Keywords:Freie Theater, Wien, Reform
Genre:Talk show / discussion
Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure / Performing Arts (Theater, Dance, Circus, etc.)
Temporal coverage:2004-05-07
Spatial coverage:Wien
Production date:2004-05-07
Broadcast date:2004-05-07 14:00:00+02
Entry date:2005-06-19
Last modification:2005-07-08

Designer Herbert Gnauer
Interviewee Claudia Bosse
Interviewee Hubert Kramar
Interviewee Uwe Mattheiß
Interviewee Marie Ringler

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