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From 4 to 6 Nov 2002, we broadcasted live from our studio at stand 11 zone S at the IST conference in Copenhagen. IST radio is provided by Team Teichenberg and PUBLIC VOICE Lab, both members of the StreamOnTheFly activity in the EUTIST-AMI cluster using the [dyne:bolic] streaming GNU/Linux distribution and the publicVoiceXML phone recording box.


Interviewer Damian Payton
Interviewer Roland Alton-Scheidl
Producer Wolfgang Fuchs


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Body Of Knowledge (2004-03-02)
The Body Music game invites players to explore and create music with their whole bodies. The game is also a demonstration of future research directions. The overarching idea is to create modular interfaces, learning tools and games that will let researchers in schools quickly change between...
MyGROCER (2004-03-02)
The MyGROCER ‘Smart Store & Smart Home Server’ offers visitors a chance to experience how shopping could be in the future. It demonstrates how RF-enabled product identification tags and mobile phones can make shopping easier. Visitors are invited to try out the system and evaluate two...
Audiotain (2004-03-02)
... provides tools and methods to (re-)publish media content in interactive applications, ranging from music entertainment presentations through infotainment on-line games to edutainment applications.
listen kids! (2004-03-02)
Sound Gnomes from Outer Space is a computer music concert. On stage a group of 12 year old children act as friendly techno-gnomes sending a musical message from another planet. The message is based on the musical capabilities of everyday objects like water, pots and pans, or plastic bags.
E-POWER (2004-03-02)
... will demonstrate two products providing tools for e-government. The first provides support for the formulation of regulations and the evaluation of their effects. The second will support the execution of, and compliance with, regulations.
Ideal-IST (2004-03-02)
The aim of Ideal-IST is to reduce the barriers faced by organisations wishing to participate in the IST Programme by supporting trans-national partner search and brokerage, and by improving communication between the Commission and potential participants.
Beamtrust (2004-03-02)
... is an advanced mobile payments system that allows people to use their mobile phones to pay for goods in stores, withdraw money from an ATM, or transfer money to another user. The Beamtrust system involves special SIM cards in the user’s mobile phones and specially designed mobile payment...
Jungle Cube (2004-03-02)
... is an artificial world inhabited by insect-like LEGO robots, called bugs. The bugs sense and act autonomously in a dynamic environment of light, sound and landscape with biologically inspired scenic elements. The Bugs express their emotions, intentions and social behaviour through movements...
Youngster (2004-03-02)
... has developed technologies to create a new, open, active, mobile multimedia environment that is accessible from anywhere by a wide range of devices and networks and supports context-aware features (including location-awareness) allowing seamless and highly adaptive delivery of services.
intelligent mirrors (2004-03-02)
The intelligent personal care environment is a vision of, and a platform for, ambient intelligence in the bathroom. Emerging techniques on flat displays, combined with specialised solutions for the bathroom environment, such as the mirror-display, show how different areas of expertise can open up...

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