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Vienna's Weekly Reggae-Programme ... "We don't come with fire to purify the heart - we come with water to quench the thirsty."


Producer Thomas Kriz


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Roots Edition (2007-12-29 18:30:00+01)
0.: Some Mellow Roots To Sooth Your Soul
According to "the most silent time" of the year and as a smooth transition into 2008 we offer you some mellow, cool Roots Reggae from Midnite, Groundation, Admiral Tibet, Jah Levi, Umberto Echo and many others. Check out this all new Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish... some food for thought to...
Roots Edition (2007-12-22 18:30:00+01)
0.: The Return Of The Roots Edition
Yes, Roots Reggae is back on Orange 94.0 with this brandnew Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish - featuring fresh releases from Pressure, Etana, Duane Stephenson and others. Plus: Jamaica's current No. 1 tune in it's various Reggae-incarnations: "No One" by Alicia Keys.
Roots Edition (2007-11-03 18:30:00+01)
0.: New releases from Zoe, Sahra Indio, Chezidek and many more
Whole heap of great new releases on this roots-edition of Ackee & Saltfish - featuring Zoe, Sahra Indio, Chezidek and many more... make sure not to miss!
Roots Edition (2007-10-20 18:30:00+02)
0.: ... new release update inna roots-stylee ...
Whole heap of great new releases on this Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish - featuring Peter Broggs, Israel Vibration, Luciano, Collie Buddz, Alborosie, The Far East Band, Corey Harris, Admiral Tibet and many more... don't miss - you're in for a treat.
Roots Edition (2007-09-22 18:30:00+02)
0.: Fresh Roots Reggae from Midnite, Israel Vibration, Cocoa Tea and Ras Shiloh
Plenty of fresh Roots Reggae for you this time on Ackee & Saltfish - featuring these albums: Midnite - Better World Rasta, Midnite - Bless Go Roun, Israel Vibration - Stamina, Cocoa Tea - Biological Warfare, Ras Shiloh - Coming Home. Plus more music from Luciano, Black Uhuru and Andru Branch
Roots Edition (2007-05-26 18:30:00+02)
0.: A Roots & Dub Extravaganza
A selection of the latest & greatest Roots- and Dub-Music... enjoy the vibes!
Roots Edition (2007-04-28 18:30:00+02)
0.: New Release-Round Up
Another Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish presenting you the latest offerings in Roots Reggae... 10 fresh albums this time on our decks: * LMJ - Inna Me Roots (Vizion Sounds) * Natural Black - Cool Nuh Black (Vizion Sounds) * Stephen Marley - Mind Control (Universal) * Midnite - Aneed...
Roots Edition (2007-04-14 19:00:00+02)
0.: Hot Off The Press: Roots Music
Fresh Roots Reggae for your listening pleasure on this Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish - hear new album-tracks from Midnite, Chuck Fenda, Turbulence, Ras Myrhdak and Zilverzurf.
Dancehall Edition (2007-03-10 19:00:00+01)
0.: Riddim Special
For the first time in along term we will focus mostly on topical riddims which were released in 2006 and 2007. All in all we will present you about 10 riddims that you haven't heard on the Dancehall Edition before! Additionally there will be 5 familiar riddims featuring various artists on them....
Roots Edition (2007-03-17 19:00:00+01)
0.: Fresh Music from Anthony B, Perfect & Turbulence
Three new releases from three of Reggae's current top-artists on this all-new Roots Edition of Ackee & Saltfish: * Anthony B - Suffering Man * Perfect - Giddimani (US Version) * Turbulence - X-Girlfriend All out now on Tad's Rec. Inc, and yes: We're giving away a copy of each of these CDs...

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