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Ether Radio was an English language programme aimed at all the English speakers in Vienna. Regular features were the Expat of the Month, Band of the Month and Vienna Calling, the monthly summary of what's worth seeing and visiting in Vienna.


Interviewer Katie Binns
Producer Rian van Spaandonk


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Ether Radio - No 25 (2009-11-30 19:30:00+01)
In this special and last edition of Ether Radio, we talk to Kathy Gillern. Kathy was in Vienna in October 2009 to demand attention for the disappearance of her son Aeryn in October 2007. More information is available on:
Ether Radio - No 24 (2009-10-26 19:30:00+01)
Our guest on the show is this month's Expat of the Month: Andrew Standen-Raz. We talk about his documentary project about the underground music scene in Vienna, VINYL.
Ether Radio - No 23 (2009-09-28 19:30:00+02)
Ether Radio Film Special
Our guest is Wolfram Zöttl, a local cinematographer. We play music by Haunted Stereo and Grayson and take a look at the Viennale in Vienna Calling.
Ether Radio - No 22 (2009-08-31 19:30:00+02)
This Ether Radio Summer Special is a music special. Our guest is Richard Rees Jones, who writes a monthly column on music in Ether Magazine. We talk about the best music of the past year and play Richard's personal favourites.
Ether Radio - No 21 (2009-06-29 19:30:00+02)
The June09 issue of Ether Magazine is the Games Issue, which is why on tonight's show we talk to Franz Langthaler, an expert on Counter Strike, a game that is played by pro-gamers all over the world. We also play a track by the band of the month, Rewolfinger, and give a few city tips in Vienna...
Ether Radio - No 20 (2009-05-25 19:30:00+02)
Our guest this month is Lucie Lamster Thury, who will talk to us about being a fashion stylist in Vienna. We listen to a track by the Band of the Month, Son of the Velvet Rat, and give a few city tips in Vienna Calling.
Ether Radio - No 19 (2009-04-27 19:30:00+02)
The guest on this month's show is Walter Sauer, one of the founding members and the last chairperson of the Anti-Apartheid movement in Austria. He talks to us about the need for information during apartheid and about the challenges the movement faced while trying to inform the public. The band of...
Ether Radio - No 18 (2009-03-30 19:30:00+02)
As March is the fiction issue of Ether Magazine, we talk to one of the writers, Sylvia Petter, on this month's show. She will tell us about her latest writing and about living in Vienna. As usual we play a track by the Band of the Month and we give you a few city tips in 'Vienna Calling'.
Ether Radio - No 17 (2009-02-23 19:30:00+01)
This month, we take a closer look at some of the articles in the property issue of Ether Magazine. We focus on renting in Vienna; what can you expect and what should you look out for? We also listen to a track by the Band of the Month, Haunted Stereo, and mention a few city tips in Vienna Calling.
Ether Radio - No 16 (2009-01-26 19:30:00+01)
The guest on today's show is Emma Caley, our Expat of the Month. She will tell us all about leaving her native soil, the Isle of Man. As usual, we list some Vienna city tips in Vienna Calling and we'll play a track by the Band of the Month. Ether Radio is the audio-spinoff of Ether Magazine, the...

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