Three Women in a Kitchen
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Station:ORANGE 94.0
Series:Globale Dialoge - Women on Air
Title:Three Women in a Kitchen
Alternative title:Or: What cooks around in our minds?
Abstract:Take a researcher and grass root activist from “Terra de Direitos” Curitaba, Brazil, a Canadian student of globalization, environmental activist, and a French and Austrian political science student. Put them in a Kitchen, stir well, and wait. What comes out are thoughts about cooking, food, eating, enjoyment pleasure and being a women. Reflections about politics, the right to food, organic agriculture, womanhood and the future of the planet. Sendungsgestaltung: Manon Wallenberger
Keywords:terra de direitos, brasilien, kanada, frankreich, ernährungssouveränität, biologische landwirtschaft, ernährung
Genre:Talk show / discussion
Environmental Issues, Agriculture and related technologies / Biological resources
Environmental Issues, Agriculture and related technologies / Organic farming
Human Practices and Social Issues / Feminism
Human Practices and Social Issues / Women
Production date:2008-07-01
Broadcast date:2008-07-01 13:30:00+02
Entry date:2008-07-08
Last modification:2008-07-08

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