First Sarajevo Queer Festival 2008
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Series:Radio Unsichtbar
Title:First Sarajevo Queer Festival 2008
Language:English, hr
Abstract:First Sarajevo Queer Festival 2008. by Nino Jaeger. Länge: 26min. Language: English, Croatian. The first Sarajevo Queer Festival began on 24 September 2008. It included exhibitions, performances, public discussions and films. The opening at the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts was attacked and left eight people injured and forced the organizers, a non-governmental organization Udruzenje Q, to close the rest of the festival to the public and eventually cancel the whole event.
Keywords:queer, feministisch,sarajevo
Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure / Performing Arts (Theater, Dance, Circus, etc.)
Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure / Plastic Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Comics, etc.)
Human Practices and Social Issues
Human Practices and Social Issues / Feminism
Human Practices and Social Issues / Queer
Human Practices and Social Issues / Sexism
Politic, politic systems and Wars
Temporal coverage:2008-09-24
Spatial coverage:Sarajevo Bosnia i Herzegovina
Production date:2008-11-03
Broadcast date:2008-10-28 18:00:00+01
Entry date:2008-11-03
Last modification:2009-07-13

Designer Nino Jaeger

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