WEC - Kawo Market, Kaduna
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Title:WEC - Kawo Market, Kaduna
Alternative title:No pictures - active listening for two minutes
Episode title:Whelp Editorial Corner is reporting
Language:English, Not specified, Not specified
Abstract:Students from the Federal Government College, Kaduna, Nigeria, have recorded the sounds from the Kawo Market. They sent their audio recordings to the Viennese project partners. Here you can listen how the market sounds. Based on these sounds, Viennese students will create broadcastings.
Keywords:Nigeria, Afrika, Kinder, Jugend, Erziehung, Tonaufnahme,
Arts, Medias, Entertainment and Leisure / Radio
Human Practices and Social Issues / Community Issues (Housing, Transportation, Area planning, Urban communities, Rural communities)
Production date:2007-12-20
Entry date:2008-01-23
Last modification:2008-05-08

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